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You will get Rs. 500 for each published post with your name, bio, and image.
But, before you send your post, go ahead and read the following.

What our Readers are anticipating from your works:

1. You’ll change lives.
Our readers are willing to read! Your commitment may enhance the life status of the readers and may make well impacts on their lives.
2. You’ll contact people worldwide.
Once your piece has been acknowledged for publication, we’ll do our part to make sure it comes to whatever number people as could be allowed. We will post your work on our landing page, which gets a huge number of visits every month, we share most posts on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
3. You’ll carry out your expert dreams.

4. You’ll work with creators of this site.
Our Authors are making more esteem to the readers and site.
5. You’ll set your own calendar.
You can give a post when you like. This implies no due dates, aside from the ones you make for yourself!


1. Is my piece interesting and/or instructive?
Posts included on Newskira are interesting and instructive.
2. What’s an interesting title?
Remember: our readers are busy. A decent title can possibly get their consideration and make them read your piece. Ask yourself: What issue does my article address?

3. Will this article improve somebody’s life? How might I show this to a friend?

You just get one opportunity to make an early introduction! Does your first section tell the reader briefly what the article will be about?
4. Am I offering significant tips?
Numerous readers come to Newskira to discover tips. An awesome piece will give tips that they can do easily.


Here are couples of pointers to remember when writing.

1. Write in your own voice.

An incredible post will seem like an experienced person wrote it, and it will have a particular voice. In case you’re not certain what “voice” implies in this setting, think about it thusly: how might you show you’re good in communication to close friend? Use that casual tone when you write!

2. Keep it short.

Only 700 words are more than enough!

3. Erase unnecessary words.

Once in a while, people use a few more words when the only one will do the same work. We suggest taking one look at your piece to make sure you’re just including words that are really important.

4. Use a casual voice.

Don’t use phrases like, “as I would like to think,” or “I believe,” which cheapen the thought you’re trying to pass on.

5. Stick to plain English!

English ought to be clean without syntactic blunders. It ought to be simple.

6. Include right good quality image.

7. Show to us your sources. (We can’t underline this enough!)


We love stories, and we’re generally looking for awesome ones. Really great stories share these qualities:

1. They stay focused.

Keep the focus on one time in your life. Don’t specify every one of your connections in this article; stick to one critical time in one relationship. Furthermore, keep it on the shorter side.

2. Include a point of view situation.

Show how you’ve changed in one aspect of your life. Generally, this requires some development by the way you see the world, so let us see that change! If you start at Point A, your article ought to end up at Point B.

3. Share your inspirations.

Your decisions are what make you.

4. Be real.

Your story will impact others.

5. Be, well … human.

The fairer you can be about your battles and triumphs, the more readers will be interested and inspired by your story!

If it’s not too much trouble email us if you’re ready to give:
• Your full post with a working title. If it’s not too much trouble send this inside the body of an email.
• Any applicable pictures for your post. It would be great if you just send pictures that you claim.

• Your brief bio (under 120 words) with connections to your site, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter pages. If it’s not too much trouble put any important connections in sections like this both in your bio and in the piece: [http://facebook.com/newskira].
• Please DO NOT hyperlink ever.
• A photograph of you to use for your bio.
It would be ideal if you send the above to admin@newskira.com