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Each one of us awakens day by day to a round of news that simply isn’t moving. Research has it that the earth around you impacts you, and a positive situation can help you act positive, thus making you and others be more gainful. Changing the world is no mean accomplishment and maybe everything begins from us needing to change.

A troubled outlook doesn’t serve well and a crisp breath of air every morning can do ponders. There are stories of the past. There are life stories of some astonishing people we have lost not far off. There are assessments of tests and studies that have changed human life. And afterward there is news that will affect your every day life.

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We intend to bring around another new face of news coverage. One where you’re mindful of what’s going on around you yet would prefer not to stop on your way. One that helps you need to carry out progressively and be propelled by others. One that restores your confidence in humankind.

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