Rahu in Taurus – Ketu in Scorpio – Part 2

In the past life, he was living a life filled with lots of secrets. He also faced sexual abuse himself or has been part of it in his past life. In this life, he will experience and appreciate simple life (without facing many difficulties). His battle is to maintain simple Karmic status without facing regular ups and downs in life. He will live pleasantly; anyone that would contradict his rules will be managed somewhat mischievously.

People with Rahu in Taurus should avoid hurrying and participating in activities which don’t secure future. They have undiscovered imaginative potential. Music, sewing, and painting are great activities for these natives. One difficulty is the Scorpio impact which, as a feature of its transformative impact. You stay insensible of your needs and people’s genuine nature. The struggle is inescapable, particularly in close family connections. You doubt others, and this can create problems.

Rahu in Taurus people tend to control others, and they see or envision others doing same to them. You are the creator of your own problems. You feel disappointed when things are not going your way. Most of the time, you release your frustration on the people close to you.

They have to learn the art of trusting others and differentiating between ‘wants’ and ‘needs.’ Innovative work adds to one’s assets and expands the accessible capital.

Presently in Taurus, the errand is to control and to use one’s assets. One must not use other people’s assets – that is something Scorpio can do, but not Taurus, since Taurus is on the left-hand or ‘I’- side of the outline, and Scorpio is on the right-hand or ‘You’- side.

In the ‘I’- side of the zodiac, our own resources instead of those of others are in play. It can prompt difficulties if Taurus tries to abuse the capital of others. With the Node in Taurus, our work is to add to our benefits.

You can handle income and assets. Your Scorpio Ketu may answer: ‘My experience says you can’t trust people’. Your problem is that you have never handled your own assets in your past life.

Reasons: You don’t know what you need. You dislike other people’s personal or material success. Perhaps you were raised to love material things. People with Ketu in Scorpio have a ‘you must be more screwy to profit in this world’ logic.

Solutions: Learn to love both giving and getting, whether the gift includes hugs, compliments, cash or whatever.

Taurus Rahu, by and large, must be educated to earn cash and material things. In the initial stages of life, until 25 years of age, the person will have a hard time earning and saving cash. With time and experience, between the ages 26 to 30, they start earning OK cash. After the age of 35, they earn money without putting much effort.

Taurus Rahu additionally is always connected with people who have provided them money, guidance, or support in their initial stages of life. He or she has little or no interest in other people’s assets unless he or she can profit by them. They hate taking help from others; feels qualified for scrutinizing others; but generally, connect strings to his/her gifts.

Rahu in Taurus wants cash. He or she needs the great things in life. He or she don’t want to lack anything in life. Interestingly, the person is, for the most part, somebody who’s experienced huge changes condition in life. His or her daily routine is occasionally shifted because of the changes that are apparently not in his or her control. He or she has a tendency to be envious of other people who seem to have accomplished more in life and may build up a somewhat skeptical attitude as far as understanding his or her goals in life. He or she may make up for the absence of material things by having people. These inclinations just serve to trigger more issues.

Gardening is a decent cure for the unfeasibility that regularly goes with an immature Rahu in Taurus. Cooking courses will be good. They can sing and listen to music. They can make things, write biographies and books.

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