Rahu in Taurus – Ketu in Scorpio – Part 2

Past incarnation for this person was spent in many covered up or secret exercises. Being a dissident against the typical life structure rebuffed him to experience different stages before this current condition happens.

Mutilated sexual manhandle or abuse of force was seen in the past life-style. This may or won’t have been his own issue, but rather the organization he kept in those years.

In this lifetime, he simply needs to take things effectively and appreciate life without making many difficulties. His battle to at any rate keep up his Karmic status and not go down any more is stunning to watch.

He will attempt all his best to live pleasantly and easily; and anyone that would contradict his standards will be managed enthusiastically but somewhat mischievously.

You have genuine hang-ups about income and assets. Your Scorpio Ketu may answer: ‘No doubt, but that is on the grounds that I’ve been ripped off so regularly. You can’t trust people’.

Your issue is that you haven’t developed your own particular assets.

Conceivable reasons: You don’t generally recognize what you need. You dislike other people’s personal or material success. You have sexual misguided judgments, or misinterpretations about material riches.

Perhaps you were raised to liken love and minding with getting material things. On uncommon events, people with Ketu in Scorpio have a ‘you must be more screwy to profit in this world’ logic. All the more regularly, there’s an inclination to roll out improvements only for evolving.

Conceivable arrangements: Learn to appreciate both giving and getting, whether the trade includes warmth, compliments, cash or whatever. Develop a solid feeling of personal qualities in light of your own needs. Disregard ethics, and do what you need to do.

Taurus Rahu by and large must be educated to esteem cash and material merchandise. There’s often a hang-up about the real procedure of working – an abhorrence of a humble of physical work, a refusal to show your value, an emphasis on beginning at the top, and so on.

Some of the time there’s really a scorn for cash; different times, cash is OK the length of you don’t need to have the bother of working for it. once in a while there’s a “gimme” obsession, while at different times there’s a ‘take-it’ obsession. Infrequently there’s an over-accentuation on sexual assets.

Also, I’ve seen a couple of situations where all out assets were put resources into other-common interests – reaching the dead, achieving stupor states, exploring different ways driving towards otherworldly advancement, and so on.

Taurus Rahu has a hard tiem seeing the association between advancement of his or her personal and material assets and having the capacity to find with others and to the material world all in all. Contingent upon the general graph, he or she takes a position of total giving or total taking.

Numerous Taurus Rahurs focus on one resource solely to the disservice of others, so that time, cash, or sex and so on turns into the main method for deal accessible to them.

When this asset is exhausted, they no more have anything to fall back on, and should either work to create different assets or turn out to be absolutely subject to others.

Taurus Rahu additionally is by all accounts entirely regular in people who have endured material, instructive, or passionate hardships in adolescence.

The person with an overdeveloped Scorpio Ketu intentionally or unknowingly oozes a solid sexuality; disdains the outside; is somehow a radical; identifies with the underdog and begrudge the successful without much considered who merits what.

He or she has little enthusiasm for other people’s assets unless he or she can profit by them; disseminates a lot of vitality attempting to change circumstances past his or her control; hates requiring others; has a shaky money related circumstance; feels qualified for scrutinize others; and will give an awesome arrangement, but generally connect strings to his/her gifts.

Rahu in Taurus want cash, or possibly a notoriety for being an epicurean. He or she needs the great things in life. He or she needs to be considered as firm, patient, and lacking nothing.

Interestingly, the person is for the most part somebody who’s experienced extraordinary changes of qualities or condition, extreme distress or something to that effect, or traumatic encounters. His or her routine is occasionally mixed up and shifted as an aftereffects of enthusiastic changes or unsettling influences that are apparently past his or her control.

He or she has a tendency to be envious of other people who seem to have accomplished more in life, and may build up a somewhat skeptical demeanor as far as understanding his or her fantasies.

He or she may make up for absence of material security by attempting to have people, or may make up for enthusiastic misfortunes by building up an isolated streak. These inclinations just serve to trigger more issues.

Antitoxins for Taurus lopsidedness: Gardening is by all accounts an especially decent cure for the unfeasibility that regularly goes with an immature Rahu in Taurus. Cooking courses likewise show accommodating. The customer ought to be urged to sing and listen to music.

If manual smoothness is appeared in the outline, the customer ought to be urged to use it in making things. If there’s no manual ability appeared, the customer could be urged to develop a gathering of something – biographies, books, contraptions, and so forth – in a territory of interest. Blossom masterminding could turn out to be a helpful remedy.


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