Rahu in Taurus – Ketu in Scorpio – Part 1

Rahu in Taurus loves more with his heart and psyche, and this may make him stress unnecessarily. This place ought to urge him to act and to look forward unhesitatingly to the future. Ketu in Scorpio is exceptionally malicious. He might look for pretty many faulty techniques for succeeding, aside from unfaltering effort; but they might trifle strategies, and the outcomes won’t satisfy his longings. This place is bad for the well-being. There are clear indications of lymphatism. The threat of monetary misfortune through robbery appears.

Rahu in Taurus makes the person genius. He will become an expert in saving money after lots of experience. Attracts people who need to be controlled. Must help other people to be free by denying them the advantage of being needy. He has to deal with some of the most difficult karmic lessons. He has past life connection with relatives and close friends and family. Probably, there are some karmas which are left unpaid. He might not fully trust people; as when he trusted others in the past life, he came across their hidden agenda. Inside he feels that he should always escape from discipline. He will make much development when he can see the activities of others as impressions of his own thoughts!

From past incarnations, he has gotten expertise in adjusting himself in worst situations. When the pieces fall, they give off an impression of being the blameless casualties, while they are the deliberately planned victors. Sexual craving must be changed into Divine Love. The Scorpio Ketu must burn the extensions of the past: ‘Never to think back!’

For lifetimes he has abused his vitality, his drives, and his goals, feeling himself alone against all the oppressions and burdens that influence humankind. He should figure out how to recognize the difference between the words “need” and ‘want.’ At last, he is destined in this life to achieve a condition of happiness as the fuming volcanoes of Scorpio melt into the blue soul waters of concordance in Taurus – where the cherished Gautama Buddha left his blessing.

The house placement of the Ketu shows the zone of life where any buildup of the Scorpionic fights must be vanquished, while the house place of the Rahu shows trust and security can, at last, help win the fundamental battles.

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