Rahu in Taurus – Ketu in Scorpio – Part 1

Rahu in Taurus acquires awesome pleasure respect to the affections; the local cherishes more with his heart and psyche than he detects, and this may make him stress unnecessarily, as the place signifies a specific measure of envy which, however not displayed apparently, by the by causes enduring.

It is likewise an indication of wavering in many matters, which is a misstep with respect to the local, while this place ought to urge him to act, and to look forward unhesitatingly to the future, or more all not to take part in wrong considering, to which his common attitude slants him.

Things all in all can’t go generally than well, but the local must be set up to help himself and to desert negativity. In the third decant of Taurus, it signifies a trip associated with a business or else a plan which will turn out luckily.

Ketu in Scorpio is exceptionally malicious. It often signifies the absence of good and physical fearlessness, which instigates the local to look for pretty many faulty techniques for succeeding, aside from unfaltering effort; but they might trifle strategies, and the outcomes won’t satisfy his longings.

This place is likewise hurtful for the well-being. There are clear indications of lymphatism. The threat of monetary misfortune through robbery likewise appears.

Rahu in Taurus gives genius and the capacity to be exceptionally handy in the way to deal with the material world. Pulls in belonging and the people who need to be controlled. Must help other people to be free by denying them the advantage of being needy. Braces, if used too long, even mental props, can keep the person from creating quality.

Ketu in Scorpio suggests that the descending way has been trodden in the past and this must be recovered through conquering hatred and not utilizing power to urge. Desire and covetousness must get to be adoration, and the giving soul must conquer the snatching propensity.

Here the spirit is confronted with the absolute most difficult karmic lessons in the zodiac.

Presently the person is so unnerved by the memory of having the floor covering totally hauled out from under his feet that he builds up a protective state of mind toward all who offer him regenerative exhortation. In past incarnations, he truly experienced the flames of damnation to consume with extreme heat his false values. Presently, and not falling back on the remaining parts of Scorpio still inside him, he should work through Taurus another arrangement of generous qualities by which to live.

The greater part of the conditions in this life are still controlled from his intuitive level, covered profoundly beneath according to society. He may seem jaunty and amicable, while he is in certainty planning some secretive enterprise of interest inside.

The outline must be concentrated precisely to see exactly how far the spirit has left Scorpio before a precise translation can be given. For those already nearer to Taurus, the rough stirring of Scorpio is intentionally kept away from no matter what. For those marginally out of Scorpio, the inside insurgencies are as yet going on. Planets conjunct either Node will pull the person toward that Node and actually constrain him to survive it in the present life.

For all with these Nodes, the past buildup of upset is of such capable force that there will undoubtedly be some after-impact overflowing into their present life associations with relatives and close friends and family.

Every day is by all accounts loaded with new crises, until one emergency based upon another makes such a turmoil of contention, to the point that the person is lessened to his most exceptionally fundamental battle for survival. He doesn’t yet know the specialty of balance or how to fully trust things, for despite everything he trusts that others generally have an ulterior thought process.

Inside he feels that he should always escape from discipline, and in his getaways, he deserts him a tornado-like shambles of all he once held dear. Now and again he sees others turning on him, but once in a while does he stop sufficiently long to comprehend that he is the cause. Whether he is as yet showcasing his past incarnations in Scorpio or progressing through Taurus, his settled stiff-necked attitude is especially a piece of his installed method for doing things.

He will make much development when he can see the activities of others as impressions of his own intuitive!

From past incarnations, he has gotten to be usual to adjusting himself to an impossible to miss brand of force, which when not permitted to convey what needs be swings to outrage. He has been profoundly scarred with the agony of being harmed, and now like an injured creäture can be lethal to any who speak to the smallest risk. On the lower levels of cognizance, people with these Nodes can seek after their prey with a personal feud. At that point when the pieces fall, they give off an impression of being the blameless casualties, while they are the deliberately planned victors.

Because of the extreme feeling continually looking for expression, an assortment of inventive outlets are required.

Sexual craving must be transmuted into Divine Love. The Scorpio Ketu must burn the extensions of the past and resolve to profit by the lessons of Lot’s wife: ‘Never to think back!’

Through the Taurus Rahu, he should learn not to give or squander in valueless territories all the force that courses through him. His most noteworthy accomplishments in this life happen when through the advancement of an awesome affection for the earth he lives on, he begins to acknowledge looks of the wellspring of his unfailing supply and backing. For lifetimes he has abused his vitality, his drives, and his goals, feeling himself alone against all the oppressions and burdens that influence humankind.

Presently through the touchy impressions of his Taurus Rahu, he is to be conveyed to the mindfulness that the plenitude in the universe is great to the point that he will dependably have what he needs when he needs it. He should figure out how to recognize the difference between the words “need” and ‘need’, for in spite of the fact that he may not generally have the capacity to acknowledge what he needs, he is at each minute encompassed by all he needs!

As he goes after his Taurus Rahu, he is coming to finally for dependability. He can quit pursuing all he has ever felt bamboozled of by seeing all that is presently offering to him. At last, he is foreordained in this life to achieve a condition of happiness as the fuming volcanoes of Scorpio melt into the blue soul waters of concordance in Taurus – where the cherished Gautama Buddha left his approval. Really this is the move from lifetimes of war into a patio nursery of peace.

The house place of the Ketu demonstrates the zone of life where any outstanding buildup of the Scorpionic fights must be vanquished, while the house place of the Rahu demonstrates the range in life where the new attention to trust and security can, at last, supplant the fundamental battles.


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