Career Option After B.Com/BFM/BAF

Finished with your BFM/BAF graduation? So what next? Do you have any career choices at the top of the priority list? We are certain you don’t, that is the reason you are here, scanning wildly for a superior profession decision. We trust that subsequent to understand this, you won’t need any more pursuits and this will help you to settle on a right choice.

Career choices after BFM and BAF:

CA (Chartered Accountant)

We are certain that you had this as a top priority as each person seeking after BFM, BAF or even B.Com feels that he can seek after CA since he figured out how to count the accounting report in the finals. In any case, trust me, it is not going to be that simple. Additionally, excessively many people are seeking after it so you will be one among many others.

CA exams are led by ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) and obliges you to clear CPT, IPCC, and Final CA. Since you are a graduate, you can specifically show up for IPCC which has two groups. In the wake of clearing one of the groups, you will need to enlist for article-ship under met CA’s for over two years. In the wake of clearing both the groups of IPCC and article-ship, you can show up for Final CA, which again has two groups and in the wake of clearing them, you are a glad Chartered Accountant.

FRM (Financial Risk Manager)

Since you have finished your graduation in BFM/BAF, one of the best career choices for you is FRM certification. FRM is internationally perceived proficient certification for saving money and account experts.

FRM exams are led by Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP, USA) and obliges you to clear two exams, FRM Level 1 and FRM Level 2. It is directed in the months of May and November. Subsequent to clearing both the levels you must 2 years work involvement in the related field after which you should be allowed with the Financial Risk Manager’s certificate. In the wake of finishing your FRM, you have profession open doors in Risk Management, Trading, Structuring, Modeling and so forth.

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

With regards to worldwide certifications, students are basically befuddled, whether to go for CFA or FRM. Both the certifications have their own particular qualities, experience them and pick admirably.

CFA Program is an expert accreditation offered by CFA Institute to Investment and Financial experts which oblige you to clear 3 exams, CFA Level 1, CFA Level 2 and CFA Level 3. Alongside passing all these 3 levels, you will need a work experience of 4 years to be known as a Chartered Financial Analyst. After the finish of CFA, you can fill in as Research Analyst, Financial Adviser, Financial Strategists, Portfolio Manager, Private investor and many other vocation prospects are accessible.

MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance is again an extremely regular alternative after graduation. MBA is an awesome choice yet just if you are seeking after it from an eminent foundation. If you are doing it from a customary foundation, you can just expect a common employment.

To get into a rumored organization for MBA, you have to break choice test which can be any of CAT, CET or MAT with a decent percentile. If your percentile is adequate, you can without much of a stretch get into the top organizations and if not then you can give another attempt or settle for standard foundations. On fulfillment of this two-year program, you can without much of a stretch land place in the money related administration segment.

All the time students additionally have perplexity between MBA in Finance and CFA, so we have conveyed a near examination for that also.

CS (Company Secretary)

CS is another great alternative after finishing your BFM/BAF graduation. You could have sought after it even after your twelfth, yet it’s preferable late over never, so you can attempt it now.

Organization Secretary system is regulated by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ISCI). You have to clear 3 exams to be specific Executive, Foundation, and Professional before prefixing the words CS to your name. You likewise need to enlist for a temporary job of 1 year before or in the wake of clearing the last level of the exam. This course will give you with information and comprehension of the corporate fund and legitimate undertaking hones.

Along these lines, that was our rundown of courses that we think will help the students to improve a profession in the wake of finishing BFM, if you might want to include anything, don’t hesitate to say it in the remarks box.

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