Rahu in Gemini – Ketu in Sagittarius – Part 2

Gemini Rahu can be a decent talker, however he or she is often a poor communicator. He or she is great at hurling out truths, addressing, awing others with long floods of beautiful words or specialized language, et cetera. Yet, he or she often talks at others instead of with them. The Gemini Rahu tends to quote books exact, drop names, bandy over semantics. He or she speaks skillfully about truths and speculations, however for the most part is at a misfortune with regards to applying them or sharing his or her emotions about them. Indeed, this person by and large abstains from sharing any feature of his or her identity past the scholarly side. This is a disgrace since Rahu in Gemini perpetually holds awesome potential for discernment. Advancement of this potential brings an extending of the insightfulness with the goal that thoughts can be used for the down to earth improvement of his everyday connections and living conditions.

Indications of an over-created Sagittarius Ketu are: a propensity to be a tease, compliment and appeal yet uncover nothing; a desires that others will impede his or her opportunity; an inclination to mocking others; being for the most part on his or her way some place – ‘just having a moment’; a first nature to take off when compelled; an inclination to guarantee more than he or she can convey; a doubt of security and schedule; being blamed by others for being inconsistent. In any case, feeling that its other people who are questionable; huge confidence in the distributed word; and being uncomfortable with associates when all is said in done.

Now and then he is a shouter in a library. Regardless of how advanced he puts on a show to be, he has such a great amount past life deposit of roughness in him that it will undoubtedly leak through at the most awkward minutes. This humiliates him so much that he gets to be resolved to clean himself by paying consideration on his quirks, propensities and open conduct, and especially his method of talking.

Through his Gemini Rahu, he will spend the majority of this present life’s vitality figuring out how to be capable at the specialty of correspondence. He now feels the need to instruct himself, with the goal that he can build up a character in the public eye.

At one time in the present life, he will be confronted with the contention of whether to live in the city (Gemini) or the nation (Sagittarius). While is fundamental nature for such a variety of lifetimes would feel more great in a nation setting, he can learn much by adjusting to the new experience of adapting to city life.

Through his Gemini Rahu, he should learn carefully to regard the privileges of others if he is to safeguard a public which in earlier lives he thought immaterial, yet in this life is vital for his exceptionally survival.

While his body shouts out for games, nature and the primitive live, his brain will in the long run lead him toward an investigation of words and dialect and an impression of his self-expression, with the goal that he begins to wind up a more humanistic part of the way of life in which he lives.

He resemble the wild stallion urgently attempting to battle being tamed, but then pondering what the experience must resemble. Amidst this appearing mystery, he is a dispatcher of the lower and higher personalities to all who interact with him. His past incarnations conveyed him to a characteristic comprehension of the universe. Presently his main goal is for himself, as well as to spread his comprehension to the bunches of people that gone through his life. In this lies the enchanted purpose behind his unceasing fretfulness. He has much to say and much ground to cover!

The house positions of the Ketu demonstrates the territory in life where past incarnation deposit still pulls him toward a longing to be a free soul. The house place of the Gemini Rahu demonstrates the entryway through which he should stroll keeping in mind the end goal to meet the upsides of the cultivated humanistic society he is bound to join.

Past incarnation for this person was spent in different philosophical and enchanted interests. A considerable measure of opportunity and autonomy was seen in that life. In this way, this needs to figure out how to manage people in this life. Detachment turns into an uncommon quality in life as he needs to trade his belief system with others and on an eye to eye premise. If he tries to disconnect and pull back from society, the circumstances drive him to be with others. Extensive scholarly dissemination of information is found in this life; and open means are to a great degree significant for him. He sometimes has a chance or chance to develop his enthusiastic and material base. Along these lines, those components are exceptionally significant in this life structure.

You have to impart your attention to others. Your Sagittarius Ketu answers ‘Definitely, however I would prefer not to stick around clarifying things. I can’t learn anything that way’.

Your issues are liable to join a fixation on adapting however no enthusiasm for utilizing your insight as a part of any commonsense way. Difficulty building up enduring connections prompts over-valuation of books, classes and other scholarly exercises that give aberrant correspondence.

Conceivable purposes behind these issues include: that a need for long haul fixation on study or a social, ethnic or religious difference has meddled with the arrangement of connections; that a discourse obstacle has made you swing to books than people; that an artistic profession limits people contact; reliance on perusing as a break from an exhausting schedule; that misguided thinking about individuals has made you put your trust just in “demonstrated” wellsprings of data; that an absence of focus has prompted correspondence issues and misconceptions; or that you have a need to overcome an instilled sentiment ineptitude or inadequacy.

Conceivable arrangements: Develop your inert relational abilities. Channel your insightfulness as opposed to being a slave to it. Impart your insight to others to that they can learn. Turned into an expert trivia master, a scalawag, or an unending understudy.


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