Rahu in Cancer – Ketu in Capricorn

Rahu in Cancer feels that his or her feelings will become an obstacle to his or her joy. So they have to keep their feelings under control or else find somebody who will value his or her emotions. He or she needs to be connected to another person who will offer protection from the cold, brutal world and provide security. This person, for the most part, hides feelings. He or she is often befuddled about his or her sentiments and thinks that it’s difficult to attach with others on a passionate level. Once in a while, the inclination to hide feelings turns out as a skeptical.

Remedy for Cancer awkwardness: If career guidance is looked for, they ought to be directed into a supporting career. Nursing, acting, dressmaking, pilot or attendant, gynecology or baby care would be great careers. Painting, interior designing, weaving, and lyrics writing are especially suggested. If the person has enough understanding of astrology, they can become an astrologer, if they feel good about it.

Housekeeping can also turn out to be a successful remedy. Swimming, workout, or yoga could give a feeling of accomplishing something helpful.

Your feeling is associated with social connections. Your colleagues and connections are comparatively affected by requirements for the societal place.

It is the social ‘image’ that must be maintained. Any open loss of sense of pride would be traumatic. You don’t trust people easily. You expect respect and sensitivity from others.

You try to stay away from circumstances where disappointment may happen. You want to control life and everyone around you, and this can bring about family strain at whatever point it gets to be harsh.

Rahu in Cancer are biased; you check others through social sentiment, states of mind, convictions, qualities, and models.

You don’t like anyone interfering your personal life. You don’t like any feedback. Rahu in Cancer won’t like to meet face to face with most people.

Figure out how to give more; understand the needs of others than simply taking their appreciation.

Your candid nature needs a full expression. Be more responsive, worth relationship and feel empathetic to the battles of humanity as opposed to overlooking this as a shortcoming. When you can acknowledge and express feelings all the more easily, the unbending nature of Capricorn can break up.

You need feeling to change and mend, and life would then turn out to be more simple. If you can bring this improvement, a door will open for an all the more fulfilling life.

He or she should be a part of a family and hates to be separated from everyone else. Group participation gives a feeling of protection and warmth. If the Node is in Cancer, the person does their own thing. They live like lovers.

The Node in cancer can’t be lazy about things and do nothing; they should get into a relationship for their own advantage, and ideally for the advantage of others too.

Rahu in Cancer gives family life and a mothering nature. They get affected by the problems of others. Ketu in Capricorn ruled over others in their past life. Hence the spirit has internal pride. They usually try to find appreciation from people in the initial stages of their life. The quest for respect keeps on being the motive of all activities.

In past life, he always looked for acknowledgment. He was very stubborn. He tried to show off his achievements when he knew others were watching. In his present life, he keeps on making his work harder than it really is. He might show to others that he has overlooked their activities, but he didn’t. He doesn’t want to discuss his private matters related to home because of trust issues. In the meantime, he is ‘short-sighted.’

The more he can fill people, the more joy he will feel himself. In past lives, this spirit could advantage incredibly by accepting. Presently, he is here to give. He might look colder outside, but he is not. He is really emotional. Avoid craving for admiration and honor at any cost. Cancer Rahu should figure out how to give food and get it. The karmic move is from coldness to warmth – from age to youth. They seem to become younger as every year in their lives passes. He will learn to apologize from the heart when he isn’t right. In the long run, he will begin to love nature more than cash and feeling more than power!

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