Rahu in Cancer – Ketu in Capricorn – Part 2

Rahu in Cancer gives family life and a mothering nature. Mix comes through facilitating these qualities. Incredible affectability toward the misery of others. Home-keeping would be a coordinating power in the life.

Ketu in Capricorn would seem past propensities for narrow-minded aspiration and a longing for force for self and to rule over others. This inclination would need to be confronted and overcome.

Here the spirit enters the present life with much internal pride. The person thinks that its difficult to comprehend why others don’t prove to him the solid appreciation he has been usual to in past incarnations. Thus, glory and the quest for respect keep on being the sparks of all activities.

Some with these Nodes will even wed to carry out the societal place of the intuitive Capricorn memory.

In past incarnations this spirit buckled down for acknowledgment. Without losing sense of pride, he would have been the first ham, going far out of his approach to pull in consideration. Now and again this would even mean forcing undue discipline upon himself if he knew others were watching. Presently he might want the world to know how troubled he has been with the goal that others can consider him to be a saint.

He keeps on making his work harder than it really is, never appearing to be very ready to wrap up his present life obligations and commitments.

Since he is continually living before, he has a propensity for bringing the cognizance of all his past weights with him into the present. This makes his present life heavier than it need be.

The one thing he has not yet figured out how to endure is disappointment in himself. He is very much honed at really making himself physically or sincerely sick to abstain from adapting to circumstances in which he hopes to feel insufficient.

He sees the world through a mentality of pretentiousness, whereby the activities of others are infrequently overlooked however often censured. He hushes up about this, however, for it would harm his feeling of personal regard if others realize that he has fit them into his furtively formulated station framework.

In earlier lives he was very stubborn and firmly impervious to taking counsel that would influence him by and by. Presently despite everything he trusts that one’s close to home life is entirely a private matter. Thusly, around all things which relate specifically to himself, he manufactures the ‘Mass of China’. It would be purposeless for anybody to attempt to soften up, for at the smallest individual feedback, he begins adding more blocks to the divider.

Lifetimes of realism make him a pioneer, setting himself wherever there is something to be picked up. In the meantime, he is ‘short-sighted’, for he is known not close-fisted amidst enthusiastic blasts of luxury.

When he sees advantage, he will turn cool and computing so that no shortcoming inside himself will keep the fulfillment of an objective on which he has his sights. He will turn shortcoming in others further bolstering his own good fortune. Wherever there are provisos in the law, he can discover approaches to crush through. So goal is he on dealing with all he sees around him that his whole current life turns into an individual campaign to prove his commendable capacities.

In past incarnations, his spirit took in the craft of achievement. Keeping in mind the end goal to do this, there was little respect created for others. Presently through the Cancer Rahu, he should figure out how to give food and get it. Numerous with these Nodes experience solid family loads so they may come to know the passionate needs of others.

Sexually, the spirit is figuring out how to go up against the female part in this life. The karmic move is from coldness to warmth – from age to youth. Numerous with these Nodes seem to become more youthful as every year in their lives passes.

Inflexible Capricorn demeanor are dropped one by one. The each find new security in relating his feelings all the more sincerely. In this life, he should figure out how to apologize truly when he isn’t right, and in addition not to look for favorable position over others when he is correct. Inevitably he will see that the greater part of his miseries, fears and stresses are close to part of a self-made saint complex which bears little connection to current life circumstances.

He should gradually figure out how to separation himself from a voracious need to oversee everything around him.

In this life, he will experience a chain of encounters which will gradually open up his Cancer sensitivities. In the long run, he will begin to esteem nature more than cash, feeling more than force, and new development instead of the gathering of dead wood! At the point when the progressions begin to happen, he will be brought out of the frosty of winter into the splendid daylight of early summer. Be that as it may, he should build up an absolutely new enthusiastic reaction design if he is to change by the new heading in which his spirit is bound to go.


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