Rahu in Leo – Ketu in Aquarius – Part 1

Rahu in Leo helps the local to understand his goals, which are of a grand nature. He has a fine aspiration; and regardless of the possibility that he is not a craftsman, he is none the less a man of good taste, a mate of structure and of everything that is fine and respectable.

His fine creative energy ought to allow him to find or concoct new, satisfying and alluring things, which will benefit him. His inquiring mind makes him consistently longing to know and learn everything new. This helps him to advance. Rahu in Leo empowers the local to overcome the difficulties of life.

Ketu in Aquarius causes the local to be effectively misdirected. He is slanted to be sluggish. He doesn’t respond, nor know the proper behavior shrewdly; and this is impeding to him. Individuals ought to be thoughtful, however they ought to know how to separate, and this is not the situation with Ketu in Aquarius, as the local is a lot of slanted to listen to fine words. This position additionally demonstrates duplicity over affection matters; it is an indication of disloyalty with respect to the local or his accomplice. It likewise irritates either the mental or the physical parity.

Rahu in Leo gives official capacity and characteristics of administration. Should be free to help a vocation. Has honorability and pride. The excellence covered up in pride is dignity. To this, Leo has the privilege. If sense of pride is deficient with regards to, the person would be able to develop it in this life.

Ketu in Aquarius demonstrates the past propensities have been to withdraw from the world as a result of a pomposity or aversion. Solid egocentric propensities must be overcome.

The Leo Rahu symbolizes a battle with the will. In this incarnation, the person is figuring out how to create quality inside himself. Conditions compel him to stay solitary, all the time with the non-attendance of shoulders to incline toward. He in the end discovers that if his life is to be better it must be made without anyone else. However, before he can construct any such manifestations he should beat his lazy joyful state of mind.

Regardless he proceeds with a past-life inclination to invest an excessive amount of energy feeling frustrated about himself at his absence of companions when he feels they are required most. Some way or another in snippets of anxiety, others generally seem to be truant. Long stretches of dejection, segregation and much of the time a decent part of the time spent as a recluse are not extraordinary.

At last, when the brain is made up, there is little that can influence this person from his predetermination. He should discover that his disengagement is a purposeful essential for social event quality. Extremely fit for solid administration in this life, he should figure out how to conquer all questions inside the self.

The continuation of his past-life wants for companionship really debilitate him, as they do little to make his person certainty. He should figure out how to wind up more balanced situated as opposed to taking after his usual propensity to give his energies. The intriguing thing is that while he keeps on supposing he needs others to answer his inquiries, he once in a while accepts their recommendation.

The companions that he has will be from all kinds of different backgrounds. One might say, this expands his extension, for they convey to him now the mindfulness that he earned in previous incarnations.

When determination flourishes, there is no ceasing the way towards accomplishment, for he doesn’t prefer to settle for second best. Much believed is given to what’s to come. Truth be told, he is accustomed to living there, until one day he makes the acknowledgment that ‘today is yesterday’s tomorrow’ and that nothing will exist later on that is not made at this point!

He is not the simplest of people to comprehend, for he will do anything to hold and stress his own particular feeling of uniqueness. In past incarnations, he built up a separation from most of the world, permitting him to don’t hesitate to go his own particular way. Presently he takes pride in being extraordinary and different, mindful not as much for the conventions of society with respect to whatever tenets he has set up for himself.

His fundamental difficulty in this life is an absence of control. Without control he can produce his energy into pointless tasks, until he understands that no one will remain over him with a whip.

If he expands on past-life learning, he has an extraordinary capacity to support humankind, for he is equipped for depersonalizing his activities for the benefit of all humankind.

Numerous with these Nodes carry on with clothes to newfound wealth life, the enormous change coming after the inclination to disregard is transformed into a capacity to administer! Their most noteworthy shock happens when they find earlier life abilities in themselves that they never thought they had.

Bliss is come to once standards to which to commit the life are found. Besides, these standards must be immovable so that the person feels he is making something strong. He will then find his life as far as the span of the standards to which he has connected himself.

Aggravated by the scattered exercises of others, which help him to remember his own particular past incarnations, he feels the solid need to see life moving along a coordinated course towards a specified objective. Still, he needs to hold his complete freedom. Accordingly, he thinks that its difficult to endure others holding back his ability to shine. When they do, they will discover him always testing limits.

The Aquarius Ketu carries with it past life establishes unequivocally installed in the standards of decency and fairness. In the present life, the person is given the chance to be all alone so that unencumbered by others he may express his characteristic convictions. His occupation now is to show people as ostentatiously or as capably as he may pick the routes in which the world can conquer its weights. His most noteworthy accomplishments happen after he has surrendered his own will to the administration of humankind.



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