Rahu in Leo – Ketu in Aquarius – Part 3

Rahu in Leo quite often has some level of undiscovered imagination. Some of the time modesty keeps it undiscovered. The timidity is in itself a manifestation of the undiscovered Leo Rahu possibilities, since Leo is the indication of confidence. Ketu in Aquarius urges the person to lose himself or herself in a spin of kinship and associate making, or in some immense idealistic perfect. In either case, the inspiration is to abstain from coming to terms with his or her own uniqueness. These people are from time to time perceived as timid, in light of the fact that their modesty manifests on an individual instead of an open level.

Another manifestation of Leo Rahu – Aquarius Ketu irregularity is found in the person who leaves more common creatives undiscovered while he or she scans for that extraordinary ability that will make a commitment to the world. The Leo Rahu isn’t substance to appreciate building up his or her innovativeness unless he or she can make an incredible imaginative, emotional or social commitment to family.

I would say, people with an over-created Aquarius Ketu are for the most part: kept caught up with managing other people’ issues; needing to be in the spotlight, yet they often wind their commitments get darkened; self-absorbed in a bizarre way – they underscore correspondence and decline to recognize that a few people have more potential than others: at the end of the day, you can’t do any more than they can; scholarly to the detriment of their feelings; angry; enamored with stunning others; fanatic in their work for change; conflicting, in that the mind doesn’t realize what the heart needs; loath to customary marriage – women are regularly militantly freed to the point where they despise or hate men when all is said in done; and slanted to think all that you let them know about themselves insofar as it’s complimenting.

Cures for Leo irregularity: psychodrama or sensation of the nodal problem can be useful if the restraint is serious. Inside enhancing, set outline, and so on can be superb antitoxins if there’s bent in these headings. Political contribution and association in group activity projects are perfect for invigorating a lazy hub in this place. The customer ought to be urged to acknowledge administration parts in any way for which he’s suited.

The customer ought to be occupied with a ‘What might happen if…’ dialogue where he or she is requested that picture the most noticeably bad conceivable things that could come about because of building up the Rahu. You ought to then help the customer manage these fears. This strategy works best with customers who can giggle at themselves, since it’s often important to call attention to the outrageous ness of their fears.

You ought to verify that the customer hasn’t mistook wish for mercilessness, since this is by all accounts a continuous misinterpretation with both Aquarius Ketu and Rahu in the fifth house. It appears is by all accounts less basic with Sun square hubs, et al., in spite of the fact that it once in a while manifests here also.

For self-improvement, you have to decide unmistakably your life-bearing and after that center and apply resolve to carry out destinations. This can be a test, as you have a tendency to give energies in different headings, somewhat because of an absence of future arranging. You have to understand that you shape future encounters through the results of considerations, activities, qualities and states of mind. What you do today makes your tomorrow; and a good future relies on upon decisions and choices in the present. If decisions are confused, you will face the unavoidable frustrating results later.

To carry out this new life course, you need to end up more person, breaking free from the consensual social molding showed by the Aquarius Ketu. This doesn’t infer that you get to be offbeat or socially estranged, but instead that you turn out to be more confident and autonomous, consistent with your own light and assuming liability for your decisions and life way. Positive increases from this can join self-assurance and self-comprehension. Moving past pointless questions, you can understand your potential once your life course is resolved and moderately couple of hindrances piece your advancement. Approaching others for signposts might be imprudent and debilitate determination or send you in a wrong heading; unfurling this way from inside turns into your wellspring of direction. When this course is clarified, which means and intention are found, and seeking after this errand will connect with your self-control.

However this is not a quest for a narcissistic way; it is one which consolidates free self-expression with consciousness of social relationship and reliance. Your proposed development ought to in a perfect world advantage all, and yourself. Building an individual quality structure is vital, and you will attempt to stay consistent with those controlling life standards which give a firm internal establishment.

Your new imaginative heading can be adequately discharged in the circle of life demonstrated by the Rahu’s home; and as your new perspective creates, you may feel propelled to share your convictions all the more generally. Your humanistic concerns will hose as sentiments of social obligation and commitment extend. You’re developing optimism and philanthropic soul will sparkle all the more obviously, reshaping life by your beliefs, so that by seeking after your way, you likewise add to advantage others.

The principle issue concerns person and gathering development, and may concentrate on social requirements for reasonableness and uniformity. Once a bearing is built up, you may develop as a persuasive pioneer, intending to make valuable change inside conventional social practices and thought. Such action may incite blended responses from others, particularly as dynamic states of mind might be ‘before their time’, and difficult to be incorporated by contemporary society. In any case, your free soul must be held, so that your change and new socially imaginative expression demonstrates a way that society can likewise take. For yourself, intentionally heading energies in innovative and profitable ways will bring fulfillment. However, you ought to always remember the presence and necessities of others. Be consistent with them likewise, in light of the fact that, by your living your philanthropic goals, your way is shaped.

In the settled sign Leo, we are worried with picking up a protected place in life. Leo is likewise a Fire sign; and the Leo identity expends for its own advantage the living space encompassing others. Leo needs to be a ruler, and to have a domain of which it can be said: ‘Here I am at home, and here I will complete my exercises. This is my region, and I will never surrender it’. Leo dependably keeps a firm grasp on an individual world that speaks to security in the changing scenes of life; and, obviously, individuals have conclusive impact in these scenes.

With the Node in Leo, we ought to embrace a positive, all around characterized state of mind to our surroundings. We should make ourselves known, place ourselves in the focal point of our reality, and figure out how to adapt to it. Normally the world does not allow us to sit unbothered but rather is constantly inciting showdowns. Anyway, this place of the Node redresses our advancement, and brings us out beyond all detectable inhibitions.

In outlines showing a specific aversion or apprehension over making one’s nearness felt, a Node with this arrangement may conquer this inclination. The Node here urges the person to leave his or her shell and go out on a limb. At long last, this Node urges us to test ourselves on the planet, and experience euphoric self-acknowledgment, and the torment of turns around, along everything that lies in the middle. As a Leo, we may seem to ourselves as well as other people to be especially in all out attack mode constantly; actually, however, we are particularly on edge, for Leo is an altered sign, and just the Fire in it delivers the touch of animosity.

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