Rahu in Leo – Ketu in Aquarius – Part 2

Rahu in Leo might want to be seen as somebody with a gigantic measure of imperativeness. He or she needs to be known as somebody who’s achieved innovative or business achievement. He or she may try to be a celebrated motion picture star or lawmaker, or might need to be known for his or her exquisite home or extravagant gatherings. He or she needs to be regarded and ready to inspire others. This person is social and fit for communicating feeling, though in a separated way. He or she may have some fairly interesting loyalties or a misinterpretation of steadfastness. this may serve to avert accomplishment, as the person is slanted to be anxious about the possibility that that his prosperity may hinder or be unreasonable to others. This distraction with the benefit of the gathering, instead of his or her own great, can prompt flighty conduct that brings more debate than admiration.

There is no doubt however this is great authority material insofar as the instilled past-life Aquarian feeling of reasonableness is never disregarded. This person is fit for rolling out progressive improvements in what was once settled convention. He is to start with, last and constantly flabbergasted and intrigued by every one of the conceivable outcomes man can reach. In the meantime, he is irritated when he sees people feeling sorry for their deliberate restrictions, for well he knows the experience of pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps.

He tries to stand tall and not be derided for those convictions which he has battled so difficult to express.

While his capacities for affection run profound, whatever is left of him is not very far beneath the surface. The continuation of his past-life attractions to flitting interests continue diverting him from the track, making it difficult for him now to see the center of his real self plainly. Thus he should find with his accomplishments as the main genuine gauge of his value.

Despite that he may on occasion firmly wish to be distant from everyone else, he would never live without people, for he blossoms with their profound respect of his accomplishments. He has faith in firm equity, but then he rushes to exculpate once people have conceded they are incorrect. He is never one to strike when a man is down. The feeling of reasonable have turned out to be such an impact of his spirit that despite the fact that he feels he ought to be more focused, it makes him uncomfortable to be a piece of any opposition which includes unfairness.

Things which wouldn’t have pestered him in past incarnations abruptly get to be imperative as he delves into life as opposed to disassociate from it. Despite that it is his present life karma to apply his Uranian resourcefulness through reasonable and customary Leonian outlets, regardless he battles to keep up his one of a kind character.

Some with this place spend the later years of their life alone. Other people who are hitched still clutch such a solid dash of autonomy that they tend to keep other relatives on the outskirts of their circle.

The house place of the Ketu shows the region where past-life requirements for creativity and opportunity are as yet looking for expression.

The house place of the Rahu demonstrates the region through which all the diagram vitality can be engaged into another sparkling formation of significant size and worth, a gift of liberality to the world. Really these are the Nodes of the ‘innovator’.

Past incarnation for this person was spent in many surprising exercises. He sometimes had room schedule-wise to be individualistic. The majority of the endeavors were towards accomplishing things for others. In this time, he has chosen to be much individualistic. Making his own name or getting the kudos for his work is significant in this lifetime. Development of identity, inner self and general attraction is seen in this person. He will use his forces and associations with get where he needs to go in life. He may need to venture on others; however he will take a gander at that out of consideration for them, and later when he is up there, he will help the people who in a roundabout way were useful to him. Solid self-molding and self-assurance is seen in him in this life.

You have to figure out how to love profoundly. Your Aquarius Ketu may answer: ‘Who: me? What do you mean? I cherish completely everyone. Aside from my ex-closest companion and my ex-partner, and that grandiose deals agent who inferred I had no taste….’

Your issues may join that you are searching for Utopia. Your standards have disappointed your requirements for adoration and brotherhood.

Conceivable purposes behind these issues: You’re slanted to be languid about building up your inventiveness, liking to romanticized others’ achievements to the detriment of your own. You spend the majority of your them serving others’ causes to the detriment of satisfying your own aims. Traumatic encounters have made you withdraw from the world to some degree. Instilled willfulness impedes the arrangement of connections. A subliminal prevalence complex.

Conceivable arrangements: Get in contact with your need for respect, and channel it legitimately. Find and use your ripe creative energy. Figure out how to lie skillfully. Have a much measure of sweethearts. Give yourself absolutely to a philanthropic association, cause, or movement.


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