Rahu in Virgo – Ketu in Pisces – Part 1

Rahu in Virgo gives fine yearnings. It is a perfect place for artists and authors, yet not for specialists, as it is excessively optimistic and not adequately handy. This place of Rahu is bad for marriage; physical love is non-existent, however then again there might be much non-romantic or optimistic love. There is a whole non-attendance of anything means; the psyche tries to free itself from matter, and this doesn’t generally advantage the monetary place. The local does not see life in its real point of view, and will along these lines need to fight with the issues of presence. Achievement comes by and by after a long defer. There might be a lucky and well off marriage, which will turn out joyfully if helped by great parts of Venus and the Moon. Falling flat this, the place regularly demonstrates chastity.
Ketu in Pisces is again an indication of double-dealing in love, and of disloyalty. The local unknowingly enjoys battle which is unfavorable to him. The place likewise brings physical and moral sufferings, achieved through the local himself. A general inactivity is shown, which can be modified by a decent part of Mars. Strength in matters associated with the affections will never exist.

Rahu in the indication of segregation and immaculateness demonstrates these are the qualities that will prompt development and advancement in this life. The concealed ‘Christ inside’ must be communicated through administration. Ketu in Pisces would seem past inclinations of idealism, coping out of obligation; and it is anything but difficult to take after that example in this life, for the propensity could be there unless whatever is left of the diagram indicated differently. Faculties and arousing quality have been solid before; now the higher faculties must win.

The article here is crystallization. The needs to overcome past life superstitions which now obstruct his development and see obviously reality for goodness’ sake before him. Earlier propensities to be reliant on others and to swim in the self-centeredness of non-accomplishments are solid deterrents to be managed and surpassed in the present life.

The person must make each attempt not to let himself to wind up befuddled in the midst of the labyrinth of disarray that misses his in vision. Unequivocally aware of making an effort not to hurt other people, he spends much push to build up the capacity to say what he truly feels. Generally, his feeble spot is harming himself, despite the fact that he will have many open doors in this life to know not.

He should work to make his certainty, from which he, at last, discovers that nothing happens in his life until his goals and target are unmistakably characterized. In past incarnations, this person was deluded by many through his over-sympathetic inclination to succumb to cry stories. Presently, regardless he flinches at seeing enduring, emphatically feeling the feeling of other people’ agony. He along these lines permits outside distresses to deplete him of his quality until he achieves the point where he’s had enough. At that point, the acknowledgment that his delicate heart is his powerless spot pushes him to his Virgo Rahu, where he starts to build up the capacity to segregate between what is genuinely deserving of his sensitivity and what is without a doubt dream!

He invests much energy in the present life sifting through his worth frameworks, disposing of all that is unimportant, so he may at last build up a separating framework which will allow him to make basic judgments without being influenced inwardly.

This incarnation is to show him how to swim out of the pea soup he has fallen into; and what never stops to astonish him is the way that so unobtrusive was his slipping into a dream that really he never saw it.

He should attempt to dodge idealism and wandering off in fantasy land no matter what, for, at last, these debilitate him to the point that he may overlook how to work on the physical earth plane. From past incarnations his instinct is curiously solid and exact, however with it comes the Piscean miseries originating from an effect ability to other people’ mistake.

In taking in the karmic lesson of not to depend on after, he at last finds that each one of those hs craved to incline toward in the long run come to incline toward him. He always needs to haul out of occasions, circumstances and connections whose extremely greatness cloud his vision. His own particular compassion for other people can lead him into positions in which he spreads himself too meagerly. Loathing to recommend people what they don’t wish to listen, he builds up the specialty of nuance.

One of his greatest lessons in this life is to build up the capacity to say “no” and mean it, for the gentlest supplication from a tear-recolored eye has constantly made him retreat on his assertion. All things considered, he knows his own shortcomings, and it is through this learning he can build up his most noteworthy quality. By the refusal to be impressed him by feeling, he continuously swims out of perplexity.

Numerous with this Nodal position have been through past-life oppression etc after, they build up a profound comprehension of the agony of others. Still, they can be swindled by others, just about as though their internal delicacy gets to be mistaken for shortcoming to the point of welcoming again in this life the very oppression they are running from.

They can convey profound damages inside them for a long time. However occasionally the development destroys their sensory system.

Here the Virgo Rahu can go about as a friend in need by signaling them into the eating routine and well-being conditions which will bring the most advantage.

These Nodes are particularly useful in the fields of prescription and recuperating, where the past-life persist of a solid empathy for humanity, combined with a crisp yearning for flawlessness, can be promptly communicated. Optimism is high, yet the spirit’s memory of an absence of fearlessness achieved by such a great amount past mistreatment makes it difficult for the person really to trust that he can do his beliefs. He has continually to battle the propensities he gropes towards giving. At last, it is the colossal insight learned through the intense lessons of the Pisces Ketu that recover him. For regardless of how difficult conditions get, despite everything he sticks to his rainbow dream where peace and love govern the world.

He is very reproachful of others when he sees them missing the mark about the culminated standards he knows they are equipped for coming to. He needs to figure out how to put into down to earth use the embodiment of his own thoughts which he has dependably ambiguously felt however has been notable verbalize. To the degree that this proceeds with, he feels misjudged. In times of need, he genuinely wishes for others to help him, yet he feels that it wouldn’t be reasonable to ask such offer help. Rather, he continues searching out people with profundity, quietly trusting that they who can see through him will mind enough to comprehend his issues.

Continually looking for warmth in others, he turns stone frosty when in the organization of coarse or unrefined people. A standout among the most beautiful things about the Pisces Ketu is that as the years pass by he is managed the chance to create absolution for each one of the people who have harmed him in this life and in past incarnations.

These Nodes speak to the mists and the daylight, the dream and the genuine. Continually looking for some better express, this person, in the long run, comes to realize why other people endure to such an extent. Until he takes in this, he goes far out of his way at the danger of harming himself to help all who endure.

His present life karma is to take a stab at purification and flawlessness in himself while enduring with tenderness shortcoming in others. This presents to him his greatest lesson – self-control! He should learn obviously when to give the water a chance to run, when to stop it and when to change its course.

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