Rahu In Virgo – Ketu in Pisces – Part 3

The house place of the Ketu demonstrates the range in which a past incarnation achieved Cosmic Understanding. The house place of the Rahu demonstrates the territory through which crystallization can now bring that understanding into material reality.

You have to figure out how to act. Your Pisces Ketu may answer ‘Better believe it, however, that implies surrendering my protection’.

Your issue might be your failure to check sentiments.

The person should not disregard points of interest, for it is regularly the Piscean absence of tender loving care that causes him to miss the clarity of comprehension he is looking for. By building up an unmistakable point of view, he can begin to keep up a strategic distance from the propensity to overabundance that he has carried with him into this life.

If he is to be upbeat, his life must be devoted to benefiting instead of furtively wishing others to suffocate his past distresses. His greatest lesson of all is never to question the immaculateness of his goals.

Obviously, a status to fit in and find one’s legitimate spot must not prompt personality misfortune – as can happen with hard perspectives to the Node. At that point, one would wind up in a condition of distance and turn out to be nothing and no one.

The Node in Virgo ought to make us willing to embrace a constructive way to deal with the general population around us, and to see and comprehend what they truly must before giving them what we bring to the table. In the Virgo Node, aiding and serving are fundamental types of articulation of a dynamic and useful love for others.

Conceivable explanations behind this issue: unreasonable resilience of unsuitable conduct from others; defective thinking; a propensity to overlook imperfections; an inclination to help other people while giving your own life a chance to break down; dreamer propensities; your first childhood having prompted a ‘you owe me’ mentality; your sense being over-dynamic, overpowering your rationale.

Your powerless spot is feelings. You will be profoundly humane, feeling the world’s agony and torment because of empathic atonement to others’ anguish. This may motivate endeavors to decrease torment for others, and will even be shown through affability and discretion, frequently controlling what you say, feel, and think. You attempt to remold yourself to abstain from offering offense to others; yet in this way, you can harm your uprightness and get to be befuddled by disregarding the messages of your emotions. A blend of thoughtful affectability and internal/external avoidance can debilitate and contort your energies and quality of personality, abandoning you open to abuse by corrupt characters.

Conceivable arrangements: Channel your dreams into imaginative work – verse, fiction, brain science, and so forth. Figure out how to control your faculties as opposed to giving them a chance to manage you. Figure out how to lie skillfully. Disregard human contact however much as could reasonably be expected. Over-eat, drink excessively, get stoned.

Well-being issues are successive manifestations of the Virgo Rahu – Pisces Ketu unevenness. These might be physical or mental, genuine or envisioned. Both apprehensions of people and over the top reliance are regular – now and again at the same time. Impulsive over-eating or a fixation on slimness can be a manifestation. Once in a while, I’ve seen this place in what I call the otherworldly or mentally depressed person who drifts from master to seem to adviser searching for somebody fit for taking care of his or her issues for him or her. Perpetually, there’s a desire for bliss; however, the customer can’t, for the most part, characterize what this satisfaction would involve, but to say there would be ‘no more issues’. Prosperity enhances when the Virgo Rahu’s potential for objectivity and common sense is diverted into a significant work.

A few indications of an over-created Pisces Ketu are: unnecessary staring off into space; consistent solicitations for help; a ‘too sweet for words’ facade; odd states of mind towards work; little control over feelings; masochistic or dismal inclinations; general dissatisfaction with his or her current situation; shallowness and amusement playing; irritability; and a propensity to pull in tumultuous conditions and confused people.

This person is beginning to make things take a shot at the earth plane. In past lives, he built up an instinctive comprehension of nature by which man and machine capacity, yet now he is stood up to with putting this learning to use, instead of wandering off in fantasy land about some future distant minute when everything he could ever hope for might work out as expected. He should be mindful to make all times the present and all spots here; for just through living in the without further ado is he is ready to pipe into the crystalline structure the immeasurable supplies of forces which he has amassed through every one of his lifetimes.

He is to end up the centering lens on a structure projector which has heaps of obscured negatives. However through his Rahu, he is equipped for refining everyone so that at last no learning he has ever gained will be squandered. As a result, this is a fairly economical Node place. Here likewise the brain and life get to be as a machine, with all the different parts shaping an indispensable part of the entirety. At the point when any part of the life is not working appropriately, it must be instantly repaired or disposed of.

The life is adapted to endeavoring to raise effectiveness and ask out of the ocean of the Piscean whirlpool. Much earlier life work was spent in renunciation. Presently just obscure recollections stay. In this life, the person must figure out how to show the consummated goals he ahs accomplished through surrendering everything except his valuation for the Divine Essence.

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