Navjot Singh Sidhu is Expected To join AAP with his wife after quitting BJP

Sidhu’s wife, Navjot, is likewise prone to leave from the BJP. She is now a legislator in the Punjab Assembly.

BJP pioneer Navjot Singh Sidhu surrendered from Rajya Sabha. Sidhu is liable to join AAP. AAP has peered toward Punjab surveys after their triumph in Delhi.

In a noteworthy jar to the BJP, cricketer-turned-lawmaker Navjot Singh Sidhu surrendered from the Rajya Sabha and is liable to be pronounced the Aam Aadmi Party’s boss pastoral hopeful in Punjab, where Assembly election is expected ahead of schedule one year from now.

Navjot Singh Sidhu, designated part, leaves from Rajya Sabha, Officer on Special Duty to Vice-President Hamid Ansari, Gurdeep Singh Sappal, tweeted. Sidhu was as of late designated to the Upper House.

Sources have informed that the BJP pioneer is liable to join Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP, which is forcefully peering toward Punjab and Goa after its avalanche triumph in Delhi.

In his first response in the wake of stopping the Rajya Sabha, Sidhu said he couldn’t be nonpartisan in the war of good and bad. In the war of right or wrong, one can’t bear to be unbiased or narcissistic. Punjab’s advantage is vital, the 52-year-old pioneer said.

Sidhu was accounted for to be displeased with the BJP administration after his parliamentary seat, Amritsar, was given to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to challenge amid the 2014 general elections.

At the command of PM Narendra Modi, Sidhu had acknowledged the Rajya Sabha designation for the welfare of Punjab. With the conclusion of each window prompting Punjab, the reason stands crushed… presently an insignificant weight. He favor not to convey it, Sidhu said.

Reports said Sidhu’s wife, Navjot, is additionally liable to leave from the BJP. She is now a legislator in the Punjab Assembly.

Top sources in the AAP said Sidhu and his wife hosted been in contact with the get-together for a while, however said an official conclusion is still to be taken. The AAP trusts it could pick up from the perfect picture of the two pioneers.

Huge support to AAP. The renunciation came as a major shock to the BJP which offers power with the Shiromani Akali Dal in Punjab.

Responding to the advancement, AAP pioneer Sanjay Singh told: They respect the renunciation of Sidhu from Rajya Sabha. For different questions one has, it’s all untimely.

Singh additionally said the renunciation of the cricketer-turned-government official from the Upper House is seen as a “challenge” against the progressing Akali-BJP administration in Punjab.

Okay minded people ought to go along with this dharam yudh (upright fight) against defilement, the AAP pioneer said.

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