Taurus Mars is Practical and Grounded

Mars in Taurus people are focused on achieving their goals. They will slowly yet regularly work for it until the end. They don’t feel the need to change their pace unless it is an emergency.

{Mars is a planet of action and Taurus is a sign indicating slow movement and financial security}

Taurus Mars is practical and grounded. They usually quiet unless you have pissed them pressing all the wrong buttons. They like to feel secure financially and they usually like to collect material things. These people don’t take on more activities than they can deal with. It is difficult to change their opinion on anything. They won’t quit because of the stubborn nature of the bull.

Taurus Mars can get envious, as they see their partner in same or better place. Ownership is really important for them. They like to take the long path.

{Mars in Taurus people will enhance their beauty and save their belongings}

In a relationship, Mars in Taurus is sincerely steady and faithful to the end. They expect commitment and loyalty. These people can be really envious if they envision another person looking at their partner. They like luxuries, and bring that into their relationship. They consider sex to be as important as breathing or eating.

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