Scorpio Mars Likes to Test Themselves

Mars in Scorpio loves to test themselves. They can focus and do anything. They make great rivals, however, they are calm, not brash.

{Mars is a planet of action; Scorpio is a sign indicating secrets and emotions}

Scorpio Mars look quiet, however, underneath the surface they might be overemotional (filled with lots of feeling for others). They try to avoid giving others any chance to see this side of them. Mars in Scorpio people have the gift from the god of seeing through the exterior of everyone. They know what lies underneath. These people have lots of aims and they will accomplish them one by one. They can control others to feel better. They know life isn’t fair every time.

{They love to solve mysteries and puzzles of life}

Mars in Scorpio people are usually strong-willed, dignified, independent and self-made. They have a great memory and usually don’t forgive others and look for revenge in some way. These people are attractive, intense and arousing. They are not someone who will get passionate with their partner publicly.

{They might get male friends who are very secretive or emotional towards them}

Mars in Scorpio people like to keep their sex life private. They can also break sexual taboos. They will do sex with a lot of physical energy and force to explore the darker side of their relationship to the fullest.

{They will face major changes in their life}

People with their Mars in Scorpio can become great healers, surgeons, soldier, journalist, police, and crime investigators. They can face lots of accidents, surgeries, and reversals. However, they are usually able to get a quick recovery. They usually secretly fight with their hidden enemies. These people are usually over-possessive of their partners. They won’t show it openly, but won’t like to see their partner becoming close with anyone else.

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