Sagittarius Mars Loves Adventure

Mars in Sagittarius people are daring. They can physically hit you to show their anger. They like to be busy at all times, hence, they can do many activities at the same time. However, they might complete every work at they are always looking for something new.

{Mars is a planet of action and Sagittarius is a sign indicating philosophy, beliefs, and travel}

Mars in Sagittarius want to be part of political and religious discussions. However, they can leave the discussion as they don’t like if anyone disagrees with them. They view themselves as more knowledgeable than others over the topics they have a strong opinion. Hence, they can easily hurt another person’s feeling.

{They might get male friends who guide them}

Mars in Sagittarius people have constant mood swings. They are nice, kidding and having a fabulous time one minute; and then suddenly they become serious about an issue the very next minute. They won’t stick with a task if it is not working. You can also see them start something with great enthusiasm which makes crowd interested and crazy. However, you will also see them leave it in the middle to enjoy their life.

Sagittarius Mars is energetic, yet not down to earth. They are overconfident and jump into things without thinking about the results. They have a hard time focusing on things, however, they are really active.

{They will boost their knowledge and guide others}

Mars in Sagittarius is fun, however unfaithful. They are eager and like to chase after their dreams, yet once the victory is made, they lose interest. They also would prefer not to feel limited by responsibility.

Sagittarius Mars will want someone who can satisfy them both mentally and sexually. Until they find someone like that, they will likely change partners continuously. They like to travel or watch the adventures of others. They like to have their contacts in unusual places. Like most things in their life, their love life is a game.

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