Mars in Libra are Cool and Romantic

Mars in Libra complete things in the end as they are doubting everything before making a final choice. They protect themselves and other people who they feel are discouraged. They may end up upsetting everyone by their regular practice of equalization.

Libra Mars act after properly analyzing the pro and cons of any situation. Thus, they make some of the excellent businessmen. As they take action after proper understanding, they make great lovers and friends. Mars in Libra people will show their anger verbally on the spot. They won’t keep the anger to themselves for life.

Libra Mars are great at resolving issues between two parties or partners as they are able to calmly listen to their issues. They take actions according to behavior and wishes of other people. They are fair and use their brain more than their heart. Mars in Libra people can manipulate others to get what they want.

{Mars is a planet of action; Libra is a sign indicating balance and justice}

Mars in Libra people look for inspiration. They are cool and romantic. They can satisfy their partner. However, they have low sex drive.

Mars in Libra people expect their partners to read their mind about what they want. If their desire remains unfulfilled, they will hold on to it and wonder why their partner is unable to find what they like. They like to be showered with love and affection. They might be much choosier than Virgo.

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