Mars in Leo brings a Lot of fun and Romance to a relationship

Mars in Leo desires to become popular and rich. They are always ready to take action and are quite stubborn. They want power and usually look attractive.

{Mars is a planet of action; Leo is a sign indicating royal things and kingly status}

Mars in Leo people will stay away from backstabbers as they want to protect their status like a king or soldier. They always listen to their heart over mind. They take pride in their activities as each action performed helps them get a better image in society.

{Mars in Leo people will like to boost their ego and pride}

Mars in Leo people are confident and independent. They can be really emotional, and they can be great entertainers. They become successful in whatever career they choose, and they make amazing pioneers. These people are fun-loving, have a great sense of humor. They are filled with love and like to show it through their activities. They always like to be the center of attention among their friends and relatives.

{Mars in Leo people are romantic and child-like}

Mars in Leo will like royal environment. They are soft-hearted, open and direct. On the negative side, they are possessive and envious. They will bring a lot of fun and romance in a relationship.

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