Mars in Gemini is Chatty and Creative

Mars in Gemini can’t stay focused on one goal. They get bored easily. They love to read books. Gemini Mars can become great debaters. They are versatile and love change. They can tackle different things at the same time. These people are gifted with technical hands. They can play musical instruments or play computer games. They can also use their hands to make things. These people have a sarcastic mind, and mockery is a great talent. They may make great writers, actors, instructors, or journalists. They have a dynamic personality.

{Mars is a planet of action and Gemini is a sign indicating communication}

Mars in Gemini is an awesome communicator. They are really social and make lots of friends. They are always ready for different experiences. These people are intelligent and creative. They are never tired in a relationship. They jump to try new things. One night stands are a normal thing for them. Sex is one more fun action. They are interested in everything, doesn’t matter how peculiar. Since they get bored easily, you should be smart, creative and fun to keep them for a long-term relationship. They are looking for mental connection over physical.

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