Saturn in Taurus Need to Feel Secure; Both Candidly and Monetarily

Saturn in Taurus needs to feel secure; both candidly and monetarily. They keep a strict check on their budget. Sadly for them, nothing comes fast. They have to and they are willing to work hard to get what they want in life.

Taurus Saturn people are persistent and reliable. They do great in law and business fields. They are great partners and don’t force their opinions on others.

Taurus Saturn can be envious and tenacious. These people are not egoistic and always care about other people’s reaction and feelings. However, they are possessive and usually expect some return from their partner.

People with this alignment can be divided into two groups:

(i) One who will always say ‘I don’t have anything.’

(ii) One who will exaggerate their belongings and will love to make people believe that they have everything.

Saturn in Taurus people might take some time to choose what to say, however, once they choose they are often worth listening to. In the meantime, they may fear to lose what they have. Physically, they may need to manage issues of the throat.

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