Pisces Saturn is understanding and can be exceptionally benevolent

Saturn in Pisces is touchy. They often feel exposed or powerless. They might be somewhat suspicious in light of the fact that it is less demanding for them to see the negative side than the positive side. They may feel like a casualty or a saint.

Saturn in Pisces can transform their affectability into a positive thing. They can be caring and commonsense. They can be creative, otherworldly or psychic. They may discover a need for religion, as it gives them structure and security.

Pisces Saturn may need to chip away at creating self-assurance to completely welcome their capacities. They have to figure out how to trust and listen to their intuitive. They can be more practical than you’d expect.

Pisces Saturn can experience difficulty relinquishing harms from the past. This can abandon them dreadful. It can be a test to them to concentrate on their past, acknowledge it and let it go. They should be less guarded and open to the present.

Pisces Saturn is understanding and can be exceptionally benevolent. They have more perseverance than they might suspect they do. They can be exceptionally thoughtful, however have issues with being adoring and confined in the meantime. They have to learn not to find with the issues of others too profoundly.

The life lesson for Saturn in Pisces is to develop in enthusiastic comprehension, lowliness and empathy. They feel committed to help those less blessed than themselves. They may need to overcome negative feelings, profound fears and a meandering creative ability. They are skilled in the fields of social work, restorative consideration, instructing, religion and expressions of the human experience.

Physically, Saturn in Pisces may manage difficulties of the feet. It is practically equal to with how they stay in life or tread the way. Foot bones might be a wellspring of torment. The lymphatic framework may likewise bring about issues. The body might be oversensitive and weaker than expected.

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