Woman Slashed Her Spouse’s Fingers With Knife For Checking Her Mobile

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Infuriated at her geek spouse for checking her cell phone, a woman professedly cut his fingers with a kitchen blade.

The occurrence occurred in Bengaluru – the IT Capital of the country – as of late.

Both a couple have held up grumblings against each other. The police have supposedly summoned their folks to cover up the circumstance.

Sunitha Singh and Chandraprakash Singh them two from Bihar, have been hitched seven years and moved to Bengaluru three years earlier. They were working for two distinctive IT organizations and Sunitha had left her place of employment as of late.

As indicated by Chandraprakash on the day when the episode happened, when he came back from work at around 11 pm, he discovered that supper was not ready. At the point when asked his wife let him know that food was requested online and that it would be conveyed any minute.

This prompted a contention and Chandraprakash grabbing the phone from her. As indicated by some reports he discovered some ‘indecent writings’ and went up against her, while Sunitha was all the while attempting to recover the phone from her husband.

Chandraprakash stood up to Sunitha about the instant messages and asked her the points of interest as to whom she was sending those messages. Be that as it may, Sunitha declined to uncover points of interest, prompting a fisticuffs between them.

Sunitha, after professedly being slapped by Chandraprakash, took a kitchen cut and cut her husband bringing on serious wounds and endured three broken fingers.

While Chandraprakash has drawn nearer police looking for security from his wife of seven years, Sunitha has recorded a local misuse request against him.

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