Bollywood Diaries Film Review

How far can one go to carry out their Bollywood dreams? Day by day around 1000 people go to the city of dreams-Mumbai to satisfy their fantasies of amazing on celluloid. Some keep running from their home, some battle with family and friends while others battle their in fights in the trust of turning into a whiz one day. Chief K. D. Satyam delightfully portrays this battle in his two hours and two minutes highlight film.


Bollywood Diaries is to some degree diverse in that it isn’t the narrative of a solitary person.

It weaves three separate, inconsequential stories into a solitary account embroidered artwork, fluttering flawlessly from one to the next to highlight what happens when dream shows signs of improvement of reason.

Bollywood Diaries has an interesting surface that mixes the immovable typical with the excessively unusual.
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Vishnu Srivastava (Ashish Vidyarthi), a working class man from Bhilai, who is additionally an ex-theater craftsman, leaves the stage, to get hitched and have a gang. Vishnu works in an administration office against his own wish of turning into an actor. Before long, his girl gets hitched, and he moves Mumbai to advance toward Bollywood. In any case, fate has its own arrangements. Vishnu gets determined to have the third phase of pancreatic malignancy and is very nearly biting the dust. Will he give his affliction overwhelm him a chance to dream?

Imli (Raima Sen), a sex specialist in Kolkata, tries to end up a famous actress in Bollywood. She tries to satisfy her customers from Mumbai, with the trusts of getting into movies. Vineet Kumar, a movie producer goes to the red light range to look into for his presentation film and meets Imli. He sees the ability in her and urges her to act in film. Vineet guarantees her an undeniable part in his film that is propelled by her battles. However, will Vineet satisfy his guarantees or simply fall in accordance with the many Bollywood chiefs, who break more stars that make any.

Rohit (Salim Diwan), a youthful BPO specialist from Delhi, who is caught in the fatigue of his everyday schedule, tries his fortunes to win first-class to Bollywood. He goes over a tryout that is going ahead in Delhi. With his extreme acting, Rohit figures out how to inspire the judges, yet is met cruel reality when he fits the bill for the last round.

Delhi BPO representative Rohit Gupta (Salim Diwan), Bhilai Steel Plant representative Vishnu Srivastava (Ashish Vidyarthi) and Kolkata sex specialist Imli (Raima Sen) have nothing in like manner.

Be that as it may, the three are bound by their widely inclusive enthusiasm for Bollywood. They are willing to toss all alert to the wind to arrive.

The inept Rohit is a fellow so fixated on Hindi film that he bargains away everything for that one subtle break as an actor in a film.

He was constrained by working class weights to surrender his fantasy, he needs to gather his packs and leave for Mumbai to attempt his fortunes in movies.

In Sonagachi, Kolkata’s shady area of town, 27-year-old Imli, as well, sustains a mystery Bollywood yearning.

A colleague chief (Vineet Kumar Singh) touches base on her way to check a film on life in a massage parlor. She pours her heart out to him. The story set up, the producer guarantees her the lead part.

Each of the three stories, in the genuine custom of a business Hindi film, veer into the domain of the excessive, with the foundation score step by step ascending to a crescendo to underline the developing force of the longing of the people to break free from obscurity.


Chief K. D. Satyam without a doubt touches the heart with his sensible depiction of characters and circumstances. I felt awful when I saw only three people (counting me) in the theater on the main day of the principal appear. What number of people even thinks about ‘Bollywood Diaries’? What number of screens did the film get by the wholesalers? With movies such as “Aligarh” and ‘Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive’ discharging on the same date, ‘Bollywood Diaries’ will doubtlessly slip out of the theaters unnoticed. I feel pity for such movie producers, who make a film with such conviction and everything goes for a hurl in light of the film doesn’t have any huge face and better dispersion.

Imli’s massage parlor is too anodyne to possibly be genuine and her trades with the Bollywood executive preparing for his introduction film need profundity.

Star Performances

Raima Sen gives her part the absolute best, loaning Imli a level of trustworthiness past what the screenplay permits her. Ashish Vidyarthi and Raima Sen are impeccable in their parts. Salim Diwan could have improved his enthusiastic demonstration. The agony of unfulfilled wishes and broken dreams is heart twisting. Vineet Kumar did equity to his little part. One can’t envision how lovely the music of such a low spending plan film can be.

What’s there?

‘Mann Ka Mirga’ by the Noora sisters, ‘Manwa Behrupiya’ by Arijit Singh and “Titli” by Papon will doubtlessly fill tears in your eyes, particularly when these melodies take the story forward.

The disclaimer at last, which reads ‘Bollywood Diaries’, is a tribute to each one of those, who are as yet attempting to get their fantasies satisfied is amazing. I am happy that Chief K. D. Satyam demonstrated a consummation, which one can deal with.

The best of the three strands is the one that spins around Vishnu, on account of the strong vicinity of Ashish Vidyarthi as the man frantic to come back to the energy of his childhood.

In any case, here, as well, Satyam resorts to abundance, with a terminal sickness, a sacred man (Robin Das) pontificating on undiscovered dreams and moksha and a family tense tossed in for emotional impact.

What’s not there?

In spite of the fact that the film is not without its beautiful moments, at last, its works are to some degree much the same as Rohit’s less than ideal efforts. The Baazigar-focused Rohit is by a long shot the craziest of the parcel. He causes all way of torment on himself to prove the degree of his franticness. He breaks brew bottles on his head, cuts his wrist with a razor and whips himself, just for the higher motivation behind acquiring a ticket to Bollywood. 


Is the fantasy worth so much blood, particularly for a man whose ability is suspect? It is baffling that it doesn’t on the grounds that the reason had a lot of guarantees.

Director: K. D. Satyam

Cast: Raima Sen, Ashish Vidyarthi, Salim Diwan, Vineet Kumar

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