Love from your heart, but use your mind

Once upon a there was a girl named Pooja staying in a little town. Pooja is a teacher. When she went to her sister Anjali’s engagement, she met a guy named Raj and he is known as her sister’s brother-in-law.

Raj falls in love with Pooja in her first look. Raj asked her, “Would you be able to show to me your mom please?” She took him to her mom and her mom and Raj had some discussion. She stared him for long time and felt an attraction towards him.

The party was over and they went their own particular destination. Raj got Pooja’s mobile number from his brother. One day he proposed her and Pooja said, “Please give me some time to consider this, as my sister will be married soon.”

“Alright take as much time as necessary I am waiting for you,” said Raj. Pooja talked with Anjali about this. Anjali said, “Don’t become hopelessly in love with Raj.” However, Pooja likes Raj, so she accepts him without her sister’s knowledge.

This proposal goes for marriage. However, Pooja’s family didn’t concur with this proposal. However, they were happy with one another.

One day Pooja was experiencing typhoid and she lost her hair and got some skin disease. She started taking Ayurvedic medicine but there was no outcome for hair. However, she made her skin shine.

Meanwhile Pooja’s family brought a lot of marriage proposals for her. Pooja said, “No I would prefer not to wed at this point. I need to concentrate on my studies.” She lied to her family since she cherishes Raj so much and was waiting for his employment. She advised Raj everything.

Raj said, “Don’t take stress I am always with you. I will wed you soon.” Yet, after a few days Raj began maintaining a strategic distance from her and started to avoid her call, didn’t reply to her message.

Pooja needs to meet him for the last time yet he didn’t. Pooja cried a lot. She was still waiting for him. However, Raj leaves her.

Moral- We squander time searching for the ideal significant other, rather than making the ideal love. It’s fact that the ideal love isn’t out there; it’s about making the ideal love with the individual that you think about most. The conviction that somebody is out there that is ideal for you depends on a false concept.

You are the maker of your reality, so you don’t have to search them out, you are making things in your own particular reality, and that is valid about the affection for your life the same amount as whatever else. So get occupied today making the ideal love in your life. Try not to waste your time for the person who gives you false promise.

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