The Valentine’s Day and its Charms on Celebrities

Yes, yes I know, however, you adore red roses and him, excited by games, yet you both will do fine.

For the mushy, lovable couples who chose to make another stride further and chose to transform their affection into a deeply-rooted responsibility. Obviously, they couldn’t take their eyes off one another.


  1. Arshad Warsi and Maria Goretti


Their adoration is stand-out, for there was an obvious depict of unfazed affection that nestled them in the warm sentiment love for a long time.

Cupid hit them with his bolt at a school move capacity where Arshad was the good looking judge and Maria was a beguiling challenge, bashful and excited. That was a decisive day when they were impressed them.

In the wake of eight monotonous years of romance, they wedded on the Valentine’s Day i.e. February 14th of 1991.


  1. Gautami Gadgil and Ram Kapoor


This on-screen couple of “Ghar Ek Mandir” had a million fans everywhere, for their stunning on-screen presence with Ram Kapoor being a great looking hunk, social and silly however Gautami conveyed with her, the moderated air, somewhat hesitant yet to a greater extent a scholar. She was wellbeing and eating routine monstrosity and he was stalking gourmets everywhere throughout the sets.

They got married on February 14th, 2003 and are glad folks of two charming children and with the years, their adoration appears to be more grounded and lovely.


  1. Mandira Bedi and Raj Kaushal


Gracious this chief TV performer brotherhood is dependably the most known about and presumably the best too.

Mandira is a charming dimpled, extravagant young lady with a witty state of mind while Raj is to a greater degree a maker, and there is probably the cupid interceded in the middle of them and chose to pull the strings along to make them a wonderful couple vowing into marriage on Valentine’s Day.

They went into holy marriage on February 14th, 1999.Sixteen years into a marriage; they simply cherish commending their commemoration on the beauty day!


  1. Ravichandran and Sumathy


Taking a visit southwards to sandalwood. Ravichandran, an on-screen character was known for his innovative endeavors that have brought him laurels and demonstrated to him the lofty sides of life also. From the start, it was his dear wife who remained by him courageous with a barrel loaded with trust and heart loaded with affection in the main man who entered her fantasies.

Being the girl of a renowned executive, she tied bunches with Ravichandran, handsome and well-known performing artist of those times pledged to adore one another with every one of its outsides and trusts on the valentine’s day February 14th, 1986.

They are glad folks to three children and Sumathy is bashful yet a wonderful lady, her man adulates her for overwhelming love all as the years progressed.

These are the four affectionately recalled cute couples who are still attached in the wake of voting on an uncommon day and wishing them numerous more years of this adoration for one another and they are to move numerous more eras to come by, Valentines is, after all, extraordinary 🙂

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