HostGator and DreamHost – two of the leading shared web hosting companies

HostGator and DreamHost are two of the leading shared web hosting companies; many purchasers feel the choice between these two companies isn’t simple. This can be the explanation why we have written the comparison of HostGator VS DreamHost. Note: this comparison is mainly about their shared web hosting quality, affordability, dependability, speed, and client service.
To help readers understand about the shared hosting service of the two companies, we’ve found out the following to table to point out the ratings of their services. Proceed to find out the main points.

HostGator summary

Founded in 2002, HostGator could be a well-known web hosting company that strives to produce quick and reliable hosting solutions at the budget-friendly costs, and to take care of the best level of client service and client satisfaction. Until now, HostGator has hosted over eight million domains for nearly 1,000,000 of consumers from over two hundred countries.

HostGator benefits

Customers with HostGator shared web hosting will have an assortment of hosting choices. HostGator offers three web hosting plans named as hatchling, Baby, and Business set up, that meet completely different person needs from bloggers to massive ecommerce web site owners.

The domain names offered by HostGator are way more reliable than those offered by several different web hosts. In contrast to most companies providing customers one or two domain servers – one for backup and one main server, HostGator domain name with superior property and dependability is backed by six servers.
HostGator perpetually provides their customers with a two hundredth discount that reduces the value of shared web hosting to $4.76/mo which is fairly cheap to the bulk of consumers. However, so as to convey a lot of people the chance to undertake HostGator hosting services.
The HostGator control panel is the widely used and revered cPanel, with that customers will get pleasure from a high level of management over their hosting ability, like manage their FTP accounts, their internet mail account, passwords, domain names and check website statistics to get info about what number folks visit their website, and install various scripts and applications.
The extremely advanced data centers of HostGator in terms of technology and security makes HostGator ready to produce reliable, quick and secure hosting solutions. As tested, the period is absolute to 99.9%, and the page loading speed is a smaller amount than one second within the planet.
HostGator hatchling set up could be a little feature-limited, that permits one web site and one domain on 1 account. This plan is powerful enough for brand new bloggers. While there are an over-sized variety of web hosts in the market providing free domain name, but for domain registration HostGator still charges customers $12.95.

DreamHost summary

Founded in 1997, DreamHost features a long documentation in providing quality shared web hosting service. Customers of DreamHost will get free domain name registration, after purchasing instant provisioning, the most recent versions of PHP and MySQL info, unlimited domain hosting, and an over-sized volume of server resources.

DreamHost benefits

DreamHost offers the longest reimbursement amount that is up to ninety-seven days. And it is one in the entire safest and worry-free web hosting companies as customers will have enough time to check the quality of DreamHost web hosting services and options.
DreamHost permits customers to host multiple domain names, with that customers will build a portfolio of internet sites without fear about many hosting accounts.

DreamHost Disadvantages

DreamHost doesn’t offer cPanel. Their self-built control panel, that isn’t user-friendly, makes customers feel troublesome to use. Another disadvantage about DreamHost is their client service. DreamHost doesn’t offer telephone support without charge. Solely the purchasers who have paid further $14.95/mo for the premium support service will be secured the 100 percent convenience of the support. Obviously, the hatchling plan of HostGator could be a little cheaper than DreamHost. Moreover, we have a tendency to extremely advocate customers going with HostGator 2-year plan. Though this suggests customers have to pay two years in one time, but there’s no need to worry about the waste of cash with HostGator 45 days a reimbursement guarantee.

HostGator VS DreamHost – Page Loading Speed

We have in person allotted a performance testing with each DreamHost and HostGator to host a WordPress web site since June, 2015. As a result, the page loading speed of HostGator is way quicker than that of DreamHost.  HostGator  is faster than DreamHost.


We think for web hosting service each HostGator and DreamHost are reliable hosting suppliers. However, HostGator is a more recommendable choice due to the fact that HostGator has surpassed DreamHost in terms of price, support and control panel.


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